tn5 production and tagmentation

We cloned Tn5 into suitable expression vectors for bacterial expression to enable cost-efficient generation of sequencing libraries, and to improve experimentation with Tn5 and adapters. We mainly use the expressed Tn5 for single-cell genomics applications.

Plasmid and protocols:
The main plasmid (pTXB1-Tn5) is available from AddGene (pTXB1-Tn5), and the most current protocol for preparing soluble pTXB1Tn5ES tagmentase is version 32, download.

General information about the plasmid, such as sequence and adapters, nuclease test, and scf file.

Citation: If you find this plasmid and Tn5 useful in your research, please cite our work enabling it:
Picelli et al. Genome Research 2014.

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